Colorado Again - 再びコロラド

Jumped on an airplane, I flew to



Denver, Colorado again.

An owner of a potential site that my friend left a phone number called and the business discussion moved further, so I came over to check the site. It is located very close to Denver downtown, and the ares is getting attentions of hip young people.

Several new condominium projects are going on.

Small and fashionable retail stores are lining up.

A pizza resturant. Tuesday is a kids free day.

All of the nicely designed bars are packed by young crowds. It was only Tuesday...

Interesting ice cream shop. People were lining up.

After checking out some restaurants and bars around the site last night, we had drinks until 3 A.M. at my friend's place. It is 9:30 A.M.. I am writing this in a cafe. It is a nice sunny day again.



Room & Board - ルーム・アンド・ボード

アメリカ在住の人なら知っている人も多いと思うが、Room & Board (http://www.roomandboard.com/rnb/)という家具屋さんがある。置いてある物が良いのでよく訪れる。昨日は、クライアントの家具を探しに立ち寄った。
I am sure many people are familiar with a furniture store, Room & Board. Because their selections are tasteful, I often stop by. Yesterday, I visited the store to find some pieces for my client.

Especially the store in Costa Mesa in OC is my favorite one. Its building and surrounding design create a very comfortable and attractive atmosphere.

One of the things that always impresses me is the room setting including the decorations. It is very well coordinated and makes me want the whole set. Instead of gathering similar colored items, some unique pieces are included and generating an interesting environment.

A sofa starts from around $1,500, and a dining chair starts from around $300. Ikea sofa could cost over $1000, so I believe these are pretty reasonable prices for the quality and their sophisticated selections.

The sunlight plays a role of creating a Sunday afternoon like atmosphere, and makes me feel like drinking a glass of beer here.

After wondering around the large store, I stopped at Corner Bakery.

Cheesecake brawny and iced coffee. I like sweets very much.
”Do you wanna go cut your mouth? (口の中切りに行く?)”
I like the fact that they have a lot of choices for the pastries. Their sandwiches are also good, but the skin of the bread is pretty sharp and I always cut inside of my mouth. When I was working in Chicago, there was Corner Bakery on the ground floor of the building, so I had lunch there time to time.
My question to my colleagues if they want to go downstairs was,
" Do you wanna go cut your mouth?"


Suzan Boyle - スーザン・ボイル

3年前からイギリスでやっているオーディション番組、Britains Got Talent。色々なジャンルの才能のある人を探す番組。
I am sure many people have seen this already, but for the people who haven't I would like to list this here. This is a video from a TV program called Britains Got Talent.

On of the judges with a short heir and sitting at the right is a record producer, Simon Cowell. Needless to say, he is well known for his honest and tough comments.

When Suzan showed up on the stage, everyone judged her from her appearance and attitude, and didn't expect much. Many people even felt repulsive. The rest is in the link below.


She is amazing!



Colorado3 - コロラド3

Since I can not show the photos of the potential site until my friend finalizes a contract with its owner, I am listing some other photos I took in Colorado again.

He lives in Boulder which is located about 30 minutes from Denver downtown.
This is a view looking down the city from a nearby mountain. It is so flat and I could see the horizon.

The potential site was located about 30minutes south of Boulder. When we were checking out the area, we found a gorgeous huge restaurant. It looked like they are specialized in chicken dishes. Even though there were several modern housing communities, it was basically a very suburban area. Its atmosphere was not bad at all.

Rooster proudly standing on the roof.

And on the car.

Not sure about the use of the hole.

Goat photo (with a mosaic effect on #2)

They must have carried chickens with this truck.

The driver is still in a good shape, staring at a point without winks.

ちょっと話は変わるが、チェーン展開しているTokyo Joe'sという和食レストランにボールダーで立ち寄ってみた。そこで各テーブルに置いてあった面白いものを発見。このレストランで働いた場合の役職やレベルに応じての給料や特権が細かく書かれた紙。インセンティブはハワイ旅行。
Changing a subject, when we stopped at a Japanese restaurant called Tokyo Joe's in Boulder, we found an interesting tag on each table. It indicated salaries and benefits of the employees of this restaurant. The incentive was a trip to Maui.

A night before the day I flew back to LA, we were pretty tired from checking out the cities and other potential sites, so we did a take out from a popular Vietnamese restaurant in Boulder and ate it in the hotel I staid. A chicken and vegetable on fried noodle, beef salad, BBQ beef and Vietnamese spring roles cost us only $20 total! My friend was in a rugby club and he eats tons, and hates to waste food (and I was in a soccer club). We did out best, but the foods were more than enough to fill our empty stomachs, and they were the best dishes I had during this whole trip.

Below is a photo I took on the way to my office in LA after I came back from the clean air city. The buildings in the distance look fuzzy not because of a vibration but of an air pollution...
Difference in the air quality is obvious if you compare with the top photo.



Colorado2 - コロラド2


ロサンゼルス(LA)   11.4% = 438,829 (Total Population 3,849,378人、in 2006)
シカゴ(Chicago)    5.3%= 150,343  (Total Population 2,836,659人、in 2007)
デンバー(Denver)   3.7%:= 22,152  (Total Population  598,707人、in 2008) 

(Asian population from 2007 research, from Wikipedia)

After picked up by my high school friend, we headed for the downtown Denver. The sky seemed larger than LA, and the air felt clearer. It also seemed that people were very conscious about green atmosphere, and their health. I found solar panels everywhere and many fast food restaurants specialized in salad. The overall atmosphere was similar to San Francisco to me; satellite city, new building nicely merged in thee city's historical features. It was a very comfortable place to be. The Asian population ratio is very low (see above).

New condominium developments around downtown.

Historical sign at Union Station.

The city was very nice and cosy, and the store sign was cute.
Sheraton Hotel in a very beautiful building,

and a very small horse.

Denver Art Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind.
I was not crazy about the front view, but

a side view of the tip was pretty cool.

A Bunny Girl !?

May I join you?

The last time I visited Denver was about 17 years ago. It was on the way back to Chicago from Idaho by car.
I was completely a tourist instead of a person on a business trip.




I have just come back from a 4 day business trip. Last Tuesday morning, I flew from John Wayne Airport which is located 15minutes from my place. It is a cosy but very clean and organized airport.

I used to think that the pilots here like to take off the planes recklessly because they start moving like a drag car racing. But one day, a pilot announced to everyone that some wealthy people living in Newport Beach don't like the noise, so the airplane needs to reach the high altitude rapidly. In order to do this, the pilot runs the engine at high throttle while a break is still in the position, and release the break. This results in the drag car like jump start.

Cafe in the airport.

A row of out lets for PC is located between benches.

待ち時間に読んでいたNew York Timesの1面の記事。
This is a front page article on New York Times on Tuesday.
The graph indicates "Brightning outlook" of this country.
The degree of the rapid upward movement started from 2009 is surprising.
President Obama must be in a tremendous pressure...

Interesting key fobs I found at a gift store in the airport.
Theyy are powered by the solar.


コロラド州,デンバー (Map)

After flying above the cloud to the north east for about 2 and half hours,
I arrived at Denver, Colorado.

The ceiling of the airport is constructed with tension fabrics.

Exterior view of the airport

It looks like the snow-covered mountains in the distance.

This trip was planned suddenly on Monday afternoon when I received a call from my high school friend living in Colorado. He was planning to open a restaurant, and found a potential site, so he asked me to review the place with him. When I saw some photos of the site, I was pretty excited because it was an old style American freestanding fast food building. My excitement urged me to the airport on the next day.

To be continued.



Multeepurpose - マルティーパーパス

A cafe that we are designing in LA downtown is in the final stage.

名前はMulteepurpose ( http://multeepurpose.com/ )
It is called Multeepurpose (link above)

The location is

269 S. San Pedro St.
Los Angeles, CA

As the name describes, they act on multiple social issues (green, human rights) through art (fashion, photography). The cafe is just a portion of their space. There are future yoga studio and gallery spaces in the rear.

The metal flower lights we hand made have been suspended from their ceiling. Everyone liked it and we received additional 3 orders.

The light bulb is the first generation of LED light. It is very rare now.

This is a counter in a retail area where they sell T-shirts designed by their artists. The smaller display case is for sweets, and the larger one will house the T-shirts and accessories. The owner found them at a close by used equipment store and we designed to merge them with a counter.

The purple neon sign came from a closing computer store.

これから、アンティークのピンボールマシーンが置かれ、音楽はこれまたアンティークのジュークボックスが奏でる事になる。家具を含めてまだ揃えなければならない物が沢山あるが、自由な感じがとても面白い。電気のコードの束ね方もわざとぐちゃぐちゃにして喜んでいる。オーナーとも話していたのだが、”他に例を見ない感じ” が皆とても気に入っている。
An antique pinball machine will be delivered, and also an antique jukebox will play the music. We still have to collect furniture and other items, but everyone is into this unique and free atmosphere. We even enjoyed the electrical wires tied randomly. It is very original.

I like working with artists because they are not captured in a typical concept, and they respect my artistic ideas.

It is because they know that those ideas can carry messages and help create an identity and brand in the space. This is our company's essential major design concept.

FOX TV showed interest in their activity and was there for an interview. Since Multeepurpose's activity is strongly related to mass media, we are working together to publish this cafe design on magazines and other medias.



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