New York 3 (Final)

So I walked up to the ground from subway, and headed for Meat Packing District. There used to be many meat processing shops, and the area was known for drug dealers and street girls. Now, those buildings are still maintaining the characters and are filled with designer furniture showrooms, fashionable restaurants and high-end boutiques.  

The best remaining I found was this distracted roof. It was very impressive that they still keep this roof. Even broken skids and trashes on the street looked as if they were placed there intentionally.   

I happened to find an Iron chef, Morimoto’s restaurant designed by Tadao Ando. 

Now, let’s talk about the main subject. There are two Standard Hotels in LA area; Hollywood and LA downtown. It is a hip hotel and I use the bar for occasions.
The one in NY was designed inside of an existing old building, and the design of this building it excellent. Also, a park designed on a old train track that runs under the building is remarkable, too.   When I saw this on a magazine, it drew my attention quickly.(Link to Vanity fair's article I found on web).

This is an entrance to the hotel. It is very intimidating… 

Well, it is still a hotel lobby and usually open to public, so I pushed the door and stepped in. Then I saw a lady with keen eyes in black suite across a very small lobby. It was definitely not a Kodac moment.
A photo in an elevator lobby was the best I could do. The atmosphere is very different from the ones in LA, but this attitude must be also one of their sales strategies.     

昔の線路がそのまま残る公園。建築家 Diller Scofidio & Renfro による。
A park on old train track designed by Diller Scofidio & Renfro.

New things can be generated by modifying old things. History is surely passed on to the next. It is not only good or bad looking. I felt a respect people have paid to this area. Making new design out of something new is not always the best option.

I was very satisfied and walked back to the subway station.

Out of my hotel room window, the sun was setting slowly across Hudson River. 



New York 2

I have visited SOHO on the second day in NY. By taking advantages of historical buildings' beautiful characters, it is a trend here not to fill the interiors with expensive or over done designs.  

arth は、日本のKurihara Corporation (ウェブ) のアメリカブランド。
This is a hat store, arth, that we designed about 3 years. ago. As matter of a fact, this was my first time to visit after the completion... 
arth is an American brand established by Kurihara Corporation in Japan (web).

The store is very cozy and filled with hats. It was very impressive that customers walked back and forth and were checking our the same shelf several times as if they were looking for a treasure hidden behind the hats in front.  I head that people made a line outside in Christmas season.

NYのStandard Hotelを見に行く予定にしていたが、取り敢えずランチを食べにチャイナタウンへ向かった。
And today was my 3rd day in NY. 
Because of the 3 hours time difference from LA, I could not go to sleep until 4:00 A.M. at NY time (1;00 A.M. in LA), so when I woke up, it was already 10:00 A.M. I usually wake up at 8 AM the latest even in weekends like elderly people.  
I was planning to go to check out Standard Hotel, but before that, I walked to Chinatown for lunch.

It is written in Japanese, but it doesn't make sense...

When I was walking on a pretty big street, some fish in a water tank caught my eyes. 

It is so bold to display almost-dead fish on this street. I was impressed by their carelessness and decided to have my lunch here. Somehow, I think Chinatown is expected to be like this; imperfect and bold.   

Spontaneously, my eyes swayed away from fish dishes on their menu, and selected pork fried noodle. It was so-so. 

お腹もいっぱいになったところで、地下鉄に乗りStandard Hotelを目指した。
With my filled stomach, I took a subway and headed for Standard Hotel to check out.

To be continued. 



New York

I woke up at 4:00 A.M. this morning and headed for the airport in Orange County.

アメリカで住民一人当たりの平均所得が一番多いとされるNewport Beachの上を通る為、飛行機は騒音を考慮して7時まで飛び立つ事は出来ない事になっている。
Because the airplane has to pass above Newport Beach, which proud the highest income of residence in the U.S., it has to stand by until 7:00 A.M. for noise consideration for the people in the city. 

There was one transit in beautiful San Francisco where I lived for 3 and half years.
If it was a bit warmer, I probably decided to stay.


The plane flew to east for 6 hours and reached to the east end of the continent. 



Needless to say, it is New York.

My hotel room is overlooking ground zero. It is 11:45 P.M., but the construction never stops. 


It has been already 9 years since the terrible attach, but the site is still showing the emptiness. 
The orange looking tower is the base of Tower 1. 
It will look like the photo below when completed.

I will be doing a project site review tomorrow morning in Midtown. 


It feels like I am filled by the things I have been looking for, which I can not find in LA. 
People in NY have so much energies to live. I don't feel that in LA. 
Every time when I design something in the area where I am not usually related, it is very important for me to feel and sence the city. NY always brings me back memories of Tokyo and Chicago.



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