A Happy New Year!

Happy new year! The beginning of a new year always brings me a fresh energy towards my work. We have a couple of projects waiting for us, so we will be running at full speed from January 4th.

12月29日にラスベガスからLAに戻ったが、その前に訪れたCity Centerのリポートを。
I came back from Las Vegas on the 29th. This time, I am reporting about City Center that I visited while I was in Vegas.

27日の朝3時半に目が覚め、特にやる事も無かったのでCity Centerへ行ってみる事にした。
At 3:00 A.M., I work up suddenly and found nothing to do, so I decided to take a drive to City Center. The outside temperature was 32F.

ストリップに面したリテールの建物はStudio Daniel Libeskind、そしてインテリアは Rockwell Groupのデザイン。ダイナミックな形状の融合からなる外観。Daniel Libenskindのデンバー・アート・ミュージアムを、以前このBlogで紹介した(リンク)。その他建築家のリストページはこちら
This dynamic retail complex facing the Strip is designed by Studio Daniel Libeskind, and the interior is done by Rockwell Group. I have listed a photo of Denver Art Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind in this blog before (Link). A list of all architects participated.

Interior space reflects the exterior dynamic forms, too. Nobody except security guards and cleaning people was there since it was still 4:00A.M. It did open to public, but nearly half of the stores were still under construction.

さすがはRockwell Group。内装は大胆で面白い。
Rockwell Group's interior was impressive. It was very bold and interesting.

The edge of stairs are rounded. This help prevent from dust being stuck here, and it is visually attractive.

Wood tiles are used on the surface of flower pot area. It was my first time to see this type of wood tile and I doubted at the first, but the touch was wood. I found a issue with its durability. It was only a few days after opening, but white scratches were prominent. I suppose those had been made by metal decorations on the back of jeans. unfortunately, it will be scratched everywhere in 6 months.

I was very impressed by the color coordination of Cartier wall. The panels were made with metal and back painted glass. Their gradation was beautiful.

Most of all, its craftsmanship was excellent, and it is rare in the U.S. The metal looked like copper because of the color, but I think it was brushed stainless steel.

The reveals have been constructed very cleanly, and it helped the line look very sharp. When a reveal is not done properly, walls and room shapes are not expressed sharply and it even makes the interior look like uncompleted. I still remember MOMA in NY, designed by Yoshio Taniguchi, had a very unfortunate finishes on reveals; dislocated connections and excess paints. I felt that it ruined the whole building's impression. My assumption is that a construction administration was done by someone else, not by Taniguchi office. Yoshio Taniguchi is known as a perfectionist.

This is an 1" wide air diffuser. It is often used at a joint of wall and ceiling, but it was used as a part of a design in this building.

This is not a good example. It seems that designers tried to hide the diffusers in a wall pocket, but they also placed a light inside. As a result, they are more prominent and visually bothering than usual. A mechanical drawing and a lighting drawing were not well coordinated each other.

次に、ARIAホテルへ向かった。外観デザインはPelli Clarke Pelli.。著名なシーザーペリが率いる会社。
Next, I headed for ARIA hotel. The exterior is designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli, lead by Cesar Pelli.

Numerous numbers of equally spaced transparent balconies line up and it created a fantastic facade and reflections.

Unfortunately, its interior was not so impressive(not sure which company designed). I think the designers tried to express the lights coming through leaves in a wood, but the way those panels suspended looked inappropriate and inexpensive.

I was not crazy about the floor patten and choice of stones either.

This lounge surrounded by curved wood was dynamic and nice.

There were other buildings that I didn't step inside, but the sun started rising, so I decided to leave when my $20 bill turned to $70. $50 was enough to make me happy.

Red Rock mountain was lit by the rising sun on the west horizon, and it looked much vivid than ever.

City Centerはとてもモダンな造りであり、べラジオやベネチアンなど、(偽)ヨーロッパの雰囲気が牛耳っていたラスベガスを思いながら訪れるとがっかりすると思う。そしてそれが、思わしくない評判を耳にした理由だろう。もしこれが次世代のラスベガスのあり方としてMGMが考えるのであれば、おとぎの国から脱出し、現実的、未来的な街に向かっていると思われる。ここ数年で完成したWynn、Encore、そしてPlanet Hollywood Towersもモダンな外観だ。
If you visit City Center imagining an imitation Europe formed by Bellagio and Venetian, you will be dissapointed, and I think that is the reason that I heard many negative opinions. If MGM is foreseeing the modern and futuristic Vegas is the next trend, it is certainly leaving the fantasy world and moving toward the world of realty. Those hotels, include Wynn, Encore, Planet Hollywood Towers, completed recently are also modern exterior designs.

At last, I stopped by Premium Outlet on my way back to LA. There I found a Frank Gehry's building.

It is a center for brain health dedicated to Parkinson disease, memory disorders and so on...
I guess it matches with the function of the building as a concept, but I was surprised that this design was accepted... Next to me, I heard a small kid say,

"Was the building destroyed by an earthquake?"


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