Michael Jackson 1987 - マイケル ジャクソン 1987年

At 3:00P.M. yesterday, I heard the news from my car audio; "Michael Jackson has passed away from cardiac arrest." I doubted what I had just heard at the beginning.

22 years ago in 1987, I was in a middle school in Japan, and was crazy about American music.
On September 21st, there was a program that was unexpectedly added to Michael Jackson's concert at Nishinomiya stadium in Hyogo prefecture.

A week before this concert, 5 years old boy, Yoshiaki, was kidnapped in Gunma prefecture and pushed away from a bridge and killed... This emotional and horrible incident ran out of statute of limitation on September 14th in 2002.

とコメントし、 I Just Can't Stop Loving You を功明ちゃんに捧げている。
Michael Jackson heard about this news before his concert, and decided to take a time to make a comment about this incident during his concert.
He said, "I am very sorry and deeply saddened to hear about Yoshiaki. If I could, I would like to rush to his parents to express my words of sympathy and pay tribute to Yoshiyaki. I would like to dedicate my Japanese tour to Yoshiyaki.. Yoshiyaki, I know you're out there watching us. I hope such a brutal and heartbreaking thing never happens again. And I love you."
Then he dedicated a song, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, to him.

I was simply shocked by the fact that a big American star became so emotional to a Japanese boy who he had never met, and this was the moment that I felt close to Michael Jackson.

I think this whole concert was broadcasted later on TV. I remember that I placed a casette tape recorder in front of a TV speaker and recorded the sound.

It is 4:15 A.M.now. My eyes opened around 3:00 A.M. and I started thinking about this 22 years old memory in my bed.

"Maybe I still have the tape?"

I pulled out my cassette tape collections from the deepest part of my closet and looked for the tape.

あった!薄れた文字でA面に Michael Jackson Live in Japan と書かれている。
Found it! Its fading letter says Michael Jackson Live in Japan.

I also pulled out only one casette tape player in my house and slided in the tape and pressed play button, but the tape got stuck when it came to his comment. I guess I was replaying the part many times trying to catch the his wards in English.

After several trials, I succeeded to replay a portion.

"for all the people in Japan, and my dear friend Yoshiaki." と言っているのが聞き取れる。

彼はこの家族に2万ドルを寄付し(リンク)、さらに、Man In the Mirror という曲を功明ちゃんに捧げ、CDケースのスリーブに
He donated $20,000 to Yoshiaki's parents (Link) and even made a song, Man In the Mirror, and dedicated to this boy. The CD sleeve says below(Link)。

"Dedicated to Yoshiaki Hagiwara. May such a terrible thing never happen again.
I will always love you. Michael Jackson."


”もっと世界を良くしたければ、僕は鏡に映ったその人間から変えていくよ” と歌っている。
Man in the Mirror とは、”鏡に映った自分” の事。
I like the lyric making a statement; "I will start from myself if I want to change the world".

He was a big star and of course, we didn't have any personal connections. However, his name has been stamped indelibly in my mind, and it will remain there for the rest of my life.


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  1. Thank you for your beautiful story/blog!

    Have a great one.

    Yoko Fujimoto
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  2. Ms.Fujimoto> Thank you very much for your comment. We hope you will keep coming back to our blog.



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